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So, we’re not travel agents, but we do enjoy helping travelers plan their dream trips. Take a look at our Costa Rica Map to start the inspiration. It isn’t an absolute list, but we’ve put together some of the most popular places to visit.

Each destination has a few notes and links to our articles with more in-depth guides. We’re adding new information weekly, so let us know if there’s something you want to see.

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Popular Destinations

La Fortuna Waterfall

La Fortuna

La Fortuna Waterfall

Manuel Antonio

Tamarindo Travel Guide


La Fortuna Waterfall

Playa Flamingo

La Fortuna Waterfall

Puerto Viejo

A Quetzal in Monteverde Cloud Forrest


Frequent Questions

Is Costa Rica safe?

YES! Costa Rica is considered a safe country to visit, with a reputation for its friendly locals, stable political climate, and low crime rates compared to other countries in Central America. While petty theft happens, like anywhere, using common sense and taking basic precautions can help ensure a worry-free trip. Check out our post on what NOT to do in Costa Rica  🙃

Is it worth renting a car?

We 100% recommend renting a car when visiting Costa Rica. It offers the freedom and flexibility to explore the country at your own pace. With a car, you can easily access remote beaches, charming towns, and stunning national parks that might be difficult or time-consuming to reach using public transportation.

Additionally, driving in Costa Rica is relatively straightforward, with well-maintained roads on most major highways. Be prepared for dirt roads in much of the country, and be careful during the rainy season. Check out our tips on renting a car in Costa Rica.

What if I don't speak Spanish?

If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t worry! English is widely spoken in most tourist areas of Costa Rica. You’ll find that many locals, especially those working in hospitality and tourism, prefer to speak English so they can practice. Knowing some basic Spanish is helpful but is not required to enjoy your time in Costa Rica.

What is the minimum time needed?

The minimum time to enjoy Costa Rica can vary depending on your preferences and interests, and we’ve found that 7-10 days is our sweet spot. A 10-day trip would allow you to visit multiple regions and experience the country’s diverse landscapes and activities. While shorter trips can still be enjoyable, they may require more selective planning. Our shortest trip has been 4 days, but that’s not really enough time unless your travel day is minimal.

Can you help book our lodging and activities?

Sorry, we’re here to provide information and recommendations only.

Still need some help?

Drop some info into the form below, and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. 🤙

Cody & Anna

Cody and Anna Traxler

We’re Cody and Anna, and we’ve fallen in love with Costa Rica over the past decade. We’re not experts in every part of the country, but our countless adventures have inspired us to create this travel guide. Our goal is to share our experiences and help you jet off on your own unforgettable journey. Enjoy Ultimate Pura Vida and start planning here 🤙

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