Exploring The BriBri Waterfalls

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Exploring The BriBri Waterfalls

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So, you’ve planned a trip to Puerto Viejo and the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Now it’s time to fill the trip with some fun activities and there one fact that no one can deny. Waterfalls are epic. Visiting the BriBri Waterfalls is a great partial-day activity. This short guide will explain how to get there, what to expect, and what to avoid. Let’s Go!

BriBri Waterfalls in Puerto Viejo
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Catarata Ma-cu a.k.a BriBri Sparkling Waterfall

Getting to The BriBri Waterfalls

Costa Rica is home to around eight indigenous groups, among which the BriBri stand out as one of the largest. Nestled in the remote southern Caribbean region, the BriBri people inhabit the expansive Talamanca Mountain range, offering a glimpse into a preserved way of life.

The Bribri Waterfalls consist of several different falls. The most popular is Catarata Ma-Cu, also known as the BriBi Sparkling Waterfall. The other two are Two Waters Waterfall and Volio Waterfall. Below are details for each of the falls.

Catarata Ma-Cu

The BriBri Sparkling Waterfall is the most popular and safest of the three. The signage can be a bit confusing as there are two entrances. One sign says Catarata Ma-Cu and the other down the road says BriBri Sparkling Waterfalls, but both entries eventually lead to the same place.

We recommend looking for the Catarata Ma-Cu sign entry, and the google maps directions are below. When you turn up the driveway, you’ll see a small house and palapa with someone to accept the entry fee of around โ‚ก3000-5000 per person.

The walk down to the falls takes around 10 minutes. It’s steep and can be slippery if it’s been raining. At the bottom, a deep pool invites swimmers, and the more daring visitors can join the locals and climb adjacent rocks for a thrilling jump in. Bring a waterproof phone case like this if you want to take photos of the falls because the mist is so powerful it will cover anything your bring with.ย 

Walking away from the falls a smaller waterfall that offers a quieter but equally inviting experience, complete with a natural pool for swimming.

Look for the sign turnoff sign
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Look for the Cataratas Ma-cu sign

Pay to park
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Park here and pay the attendent

Two Waters Waterfall

Another hidden gem, the Two Waters Waterfall at Finca Las Brisas is fairly easy to get to. Like Cataratas Ma-Cu, look for a similar signposted trail off the main road. After you pay the family around โ‚ก2000 for parking, the path leads to a serene natural pool and waterfalls. These falls are usually less busy and a great spot to bring a lunch and enjoy some time there.


Important Notice

As of early 2024, there are still consistent reports of guide scams and robberies by gunpoint at Volio Waterfall. Visiting is not recommended at this time. Check recent Google reviews.

Volio Waterfall

We haven’t visited this waterfall due to the recent increase in crime around the area. Given its secluded location and potential for petty theft, securing a local guide is highly advised. After parking and sorting out the fees, your guide will lead you through two shallow river crossings and a jungle path to reach the Volio waterfall. There’s really no reason to risk visiting this one with so many other amazing things to see in the Puerto Viejo area, but we’ve added the directions in the event you still want to try.

Travel tips for BriBri Waterfalls

Book A Tour

Due to recent safety concerns, we highly recommend booking a BriBri Waterfall Tour, especially if you plan on visiting the Two Waters or Volio Waterfalls. Robberies are becoming more frequent and a guide will deter any issues.

Arrive early

Plan to start your hike early in the morning to avoid the crowds and enjoy the falls at their most peaceful.

Don’t forget the essentials

There can be tons of mosquitos, so pack your day bag with a good insect repellant, reef-safe sunscreen, plenty of water, and snacks for your visit. There are no food or drink vendors at the falls, so come prepared for a half-day trip. Sturdy hiking shoes or sandals with good traction are recommended for the hike to the falls. We love these Salomon Hiking Shoes.

Don’t bring valuables

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is less developed and poses a higher risk for theft of valuables in remote places. If you’ll be venturing out unguided, this isn’t a destination to bring flashy jewelry, camera gear, etc.

Practice sustainable tourism

Help preserve BriBri Falls’ beauty by minimizing your environmental impact, staying on marked trails, and disposing of trash responsibly.

Jumping of BriBri Waterfall
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The fearless local boys

Let’s go!

If your goal is to see a beautiful waterfall in the area, we recommend visiting Cataratas Ma-Cu and continuing on. There are many guided tours that offer multiple activities, so you don’t have to worry about navigating yourself. Take a look at our full guide to Puerto Viejo, and drop us a comment below if you have any new information about the BriBri Waterfalls.

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