A Day Trip to Biesanz Beach

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A Day Trip to Biesanz Beach


The coastline of Manuel Antonio is full of little hidden beaches and coves. We were staying at Tulemar and saw a little strip of sand on the other side of the bay. Naturally, I had to go investigate. It turned out to be Playa Biesanz, a popular spot for visitors and locals alike. While a little too busy for us, this beach is a great option for travelers who enjoy amenities like chair rentals, kayaks, paddle boards, and refreshments.

Biesanz Beach
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The entrance to the Biesanz Beach Trail

Navigating Your Way

Getting to Biesanz Beach is an adventure in itself. If you’re staying at any of the best hotels in Manuel Antonio, you can either make the 15-minute walk or opt to drive. Be prepared to pay around ¢3000 for the day for parking, although sometimes there’s no attendant. If you walk in the morning, remember that it gets HOT later in the day and the walk back up the hill is a bit less enjoyable. Follow the signs for Parador Resort and Spa, and park on the roadside, or check out the Google directions from the main road. The starting point is our favorite breakfast spot in the area, Cafe Milagro.


Directions from Cafe Milagro

Biesanz Beach
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Almost to the sand!

The Experience

When you get to the sand, you’ll see the vendors that are there to rent anything you’d want for a beach day. Unless you rent an umbrella, there’s not much shade in the day. What little shade is there in the treeline is often claimed by mid-morning. Despite the beach vendors, what makes Biesanz Beach a great day trip is its peaceful ambiance. The crescent-shaped cove is wrapped by a lush jungle, giving the beach a private, intimate feel. The white sand beach meets the calm turquoise water, ideal for swimming or floating in the water.

Unlike the main beaches in the area, Biesanz can be less crowded and more protected from the bigger waves and surf. Nearby, there’s a small stand where you can buy snacks and drinks. For a quick trip, we always bring a packable microfiber towel like this. It dries quickly, is sand-free, and always makes it into our day bag.

Biesanz Beach
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The calm waters of Biesanz Beach



Snorkeling can be fun here if you’re up for some aquatic adventures. The clear waters of Biesanz Beach are home to some tropical fish, and you can rent snorkeling gear from local vendors on the beach.

Kayaking and Stand-up Paddling

Kayaking and stand-up paddling are other great ways to explore the surrounding waters. Paddle out and enjoy the views of the coastline. Don’t forget a good reef-safe sunscreen because you’ll fry out on the water without some sun protection.

Anna on a Kayak
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Rent a kayak and explore the coves

Let’s go!

While we wouldn’t seek it out from afar, Playa Biesanz is great spot for a day trip if you’re staying in the area. Whether you’re seeking solitude, a family-friendly spot, or an adventure in nature, a day trip to Biesanz Beach should be on your Manuel Antonio itinerary. So pack a day bag and head over to Biesanz Beach. Not sure what to pack? Check out our complete Costa Rica packing list!

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