A Day of River Rafting in Manuel Antonio

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A Day of River Rafting in Manuel Antonio


Nestled in the lush rainforests, Manuel Antonio is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. As former kayak tour guides, there’s one adventure activity that Anna and I can’t get enough of every time we visit. And that’s river rafting in Manuel Antonio!  It’s home to some of the most thrilling river rafting experiences, and I’m excited to share some tips if you aren’t already sold on signing up. The information below is for the Savegre River. There are more advanced options, but beginners (like us) should start on the Savegre and work your way up to higher class rapids. 

Rafting with Amigos Del Rio
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Rafting with Amigos Del Rio

Amigos Del Rio: Our Go-To Rafting Experts

While there are plenty of options for river rafting in the area, Amigos Del Rio stands out as our favorite. Amigos combines adventure and safety for an exciting and worry-free experience. Their tour guides are professional and fun, and they are pros at navigating the rushing rapids. I’ve taken tours with other companies and they also did a great job, but Amigos is our go-to. Take a look at their tours here.

Rafting in Manuel Antonio
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An epic bus ride up the river

From Pick-Up to Paddle

You can either meet at their office or be picked up if you’re staying nearby. Check out our favorite hotels in Manuel Antonio here. From the moment you’re picked up at your accommodation (Tulemar Resort is our starting point on the map), you’re treated to the Pura Vida hospitality that Costa Rica is known for.

After filling out the paperwork in their office on the main road, the journey to the Savegre River begins. Their office sells the essentials but remember to bring some reef-safe sunscreen like this. Even with the overcast skies, you can still fry out there, so screen up before the trip. The drive to the falls is about an hour and it’s an adventure in itself. Once you’re there, it’s time to gear up.

Pickup is prompt so be ready

Riding the Rapids

Rafting down the river is a pleasant balance of sightseeing and excitement. The rapids are constantly changing with the water level of the river throughout the year, and your guide will adjust the route to the conditions. As you navigate the rapids, you’re focusing on paddling and not falling out of the raft. Anna fell out once and got trapped under the raft for a few seconds. Luckily she got out from under it and we had her back on the raft in no time.

The experience isn’t just about the rush of the rapids. In the time between the rapids, you’re surrounded by the stunning beauty of the jungle, complete with waterfalls and exotic wildlife. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some of the area’s animal life. We’ve seen toucans and even a snake in a tree branch above our heads. Amigos Del Rio provides ample opportunities to relax and soak up the stunning scenery. You’ll have a chance to pause and swim in river and sometimes a short hike to a waterfall if conditions allow for it.

River rafting in Manuel Antonio
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Get ready for the…

Rafting with Amigos Del Rio on the Savegre River
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The Rapids!

Let’s go!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to river raft in Manuel Antonio. It’s an experience that promises fun, adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime thanks to their in-house photographer. They charge around $20 per person for professional photos, which is more than fair considering the work involved throughout the tour. Take a look at this phone case if you plan to bring your phone on the trip. Don’t wait and book a tour with Amigos Del Rio here. Happy rafting!

Don’t Miss

After a day of paddling, I recommend heading over to Rony’s Place. This fantastic restaurant offers a menu of local cuisine, but it’s the sunset view that truly steals the show. Watch as the sky turns vibrant hues of orange and purple, with the sun setting over the stunning coastline. Keep an eye out for the scarlet macaws that frequent this spot!

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